Pegasus is the magnificent winged horse of Greek mythology. This ethereal equine, offspring of Poseidon and Medusa, lived on Mount Helicon with the Muses. Where he struck his hoof on the ground, a spring emerged, becoming the inspiration of poets. Beautiful and dynamic, Pegasus still stirs the imagination.


Carol is much more than an editor. She not only has an eagle eye for typos and bad sentence structure, she’s also a talented reporter/writer who understands storytelling. Rather than just edit copy, Carol sculpts it into smooth, friendly writing that makes reading easy and enjoyable.

— Nancy Bartosek, director of editorial services at Texas
Christian University and editor of The TCU Magazine

Carol Nuckols is very reliable and meticulous in her work as an editor. She has a good eye for detail.
— Doris Booth, editor-in-chief;
manager, Authorlink Literary Group

My back was against the wall. I was charged with writing an article for the magazine of the Association of Legal Administrators, New York Chapter, and the deadline was coming up fast.

I had plenty of information and ideas on my topic, Amazing Face Reading. But there is a huge difference between knowing what you want to say and putting it into clear, concise writing with proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

With her extensive experience, Carol quickly spotted my awkward phrasing, repetition, run-on sentences and occasional obtuseness. Her gentle suggestions made the article much
more readable. Because she knows what she is doing, she
can work at lightning speed, which cuts down on the cost.

Working with her was a godsend. It made a difficult task fun. I appreciate her incredible skills and professionalism, and I will use her services again when I have to write another article or book.

— Mac Fulfer, lawyer, author of Amazing Face Reading

I worked with Carol for many years at a major daily newspaper. Her editing and fact-checking skills are top-notch. She saved us many times from embarrassing mistakes getting in the paper, and her attention to detail is exceptional. On a personal note, Carol is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person, who is dedicated to whatever project she tackles. --- Kathy Harris
— Kathy Harris

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